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Product Remarketing

In the early days of the PC Industry, used equipment dealers bought truckloads of untested consumer returns from major personal computer OEMs (Originals Equipment Manufacturers) at just 10% of retail cost. Today, those same assets are resold at up to 90% of retail cost. That evolution and the hard lessons learned are what we share with our Clients. With returns from consumers at 6% to 17%, maximizing value recovery on product returns is critical to profitability.

The three critical components of successful Product Remarketing are:

The VAR Approach

Often in this industry, valued assets are sent to remarketers only to yield poor recovery results at settlement. This is generally due to an imbalance in these critical areas. At Veterans Alliance Resourcing (VAR) our approach is to focus on Net Recovery, ensuring that logistics, refurbishment and remarketing costs are appropriately balanced to yield the best results for the Client.

VAR’s extensive resale channels for the wide-variety of technology products found at large business enterprises and OEMs, allows us the ability to remarket assets for maximum value.